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Raver since the start of 90’s, I developped a passion for acid sounds.

I am mostly influenced by Hardfloor, Acrid abeyance, Acid junkies, Chris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Geezer, DDR, and many more…

I made my first steps in the djing world in 1998 with the SKWATT6TM Sound System with which I played acid and techno in free paties, teknivals and underground parties.

I started circulating mixtapes at parties and on the internet and was soon invited by other sound systems and promoters to play acid techno dj sets.

I have since played in various venues (festivals, squats, clubs…) in France and abroad (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland …).

In order to share my passion, I created, a website specialized in acid sound. It references all the current information regarding the acid techno scene (vinyl, parties, dj sets and more…).

Forever a vinyl addict, I play acid techno vinyl dj sets but I also play digital sets in various styles such as tribal techno, acid break, techno/tech-house.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.